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Authenticity Comes through Walking the Walk

mrs-winchDitching the Drive-Thru by Natalie Winch is an authentic book. Authentic because she is not a full-time writer with a team of research assistants, but rather is full-time teacher/mom/wife with many side interests.

She wrote this book as a way of sharing her own ─ as she calls it ─ food odyssey. Over time she moved her own family away from what has become typical American fare to farm-sources, fresh, traditional, wholesome food. Her family is realizing health benefits from this.

Natalie Winch is a full-time teacher and this morning she walked into the school library to find her own recently published book proudly displayed. It made her smile and us too. A genuine, authentic smile.

Some of the top books published in the areas of personal change are not actually written by people who have personally changed. They are written by experienced writers (a craft we tremendously respect, but a craft all the same) who create a product to fit a defined market niche.

Writers who share from their own life experience, their soul, bring a much higher level of authenticity to the table. And for this, and writers like Natalie Winch, we are forever grateful.

And check out her book. It could help change your life as well.