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Submitting Your Book Manuscript for Publication

Author Guidelines

If you are a skilled craftsperson, maker, researcher, or student of the world with a story to tell that can inspire or help change lives Spikehorn Press might be the perfect publishing partner for you.

We are open to reviewing non-fiction manuscripts and material from both first-time and published authors. We also seek books previously published which have deserve to reach a new audience and fit into our niche. We have the ability and track record to produce a beautiful, professional edition of your work. And it will be in print for a long time, not sold this year and remaindered next as is often the case with larger publishers.

We will invest greatly in your work and do not consider a project unless we intend to keep it in print for a decade or longer. Accordingly, books that are news-centered or topical do not generally fit our publishing model.

In general, we are interested in the following topics:

  • Art and craft inspired by traditional methods
  • Traditional, even archaic, crafts and skills
  • Quirky non-fiction

We do NOT publish works of fiction, collections of academic/scientific journal articles, or books of pure artwork without a how-to element.

Submitting a Query

Please submit a letter of one to four pages explaining the following:

  • Proposed title
  • Topic
  • Information on the author(s) and their expertise in the subject area
  • Intended audience
  • Proposed length (in words and photos/illustrations/diagrams)

Feel free to submit an outline, table of contents, and sample chapters. We prefer to receive submissions electronically, but initial proposals/sample chapters in print are fine. Please do NOT submit full paper manuscripts without our request.

Working with Spikehorn

The response time for queries is three to four weeks from the time of receipt. If you do not hear back after this time, please requery using an alternate email address or call us. It’s possible that our email security filter has blocked your email. We appreciate your patience. Within this short window we will tell you whether we are interested in learning more about your work.

Full review of requested material currently takes six to eight weeks from the time of receipt.

Please submit your queries to: Editor, Spikehorn Press via the form below:

Your Name

Your Email

Your Message