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About Spikehorn Press

Much respected Childcraft volume 9Growing up, my favorite part of school was show and tell. And the most well-worn book at home was Childcraft, Vol. 9, “Make and Do” the volume dedicated to epic works such as building a cardboard box submarine. Couple that with having my own letterpress printing press at age 8 (I printed business cards for other third-graders) and I suppose it could be said I was destined to publish. At it’s heart,  that’s what publishing is ─ to make and do and show and tell.

Being born into a publishing family helped. My father was an independent publisher, having launched and edited several magazines and published scores of books throughout a prolific career. My romp through publishing began in the mailroom, took turns in the darkroom, typesetting, layout, editing, writing and marketing, eventually managing an specialty indie book and magazine publishing company for more than two decades.

Spikehorn Press is another incarnation of this lifelong passion.

This company was born of a desire to promote the work of dedicated makers who respect and build upon time-honored skills, to inspire a new generation of innovation, provide actionable information for self-change, and to revel in the quirky side of human creativity which gifts a spark of creativity and zest to living.

We publish brainy non-fiction works for crafty, hands-on readers which will inspire, inform and distract, particularly through offering practical advice within niche topics overlooked or ignored by mainstream publishing.

Spikehorn Press titles seek to bring curious, innovative makers to a higher level of skill or understanding or present a quirky twist on a time-honored subject. Each work will help craftspeople, artisans and do-it-yourselfers to STEP UP or STEP OUT ─ up to a higher level of knowledge or outside common thought.

Just like its historic namesake, my great-uncle John “Spikehorn” Meyer, this press speaks with an independent voice, far apart from the pedestrian works now too common in this world. And like my early imperative from Childcraft, Spikehorn was a maker and a doer.

Spikehorn Press is:

  • Quirky
  • Independent
  • Sometimes controversial, defiant
  • Brash, bold
  • Time-honored and traditional but edgy, with an ornery, slightly devious side
  • Innovative, inventive & clever
  • Different
  • Cut from a different cloth
  • Maintains a sense of humor
  • At times argumentative

We hope you enjoy the current and future works of Spikehorn Press.

the editors and artists of Spikehorn Press